Nanny 911

This weekend, I am back ‘working’ for one of the families I used to nanny for while the mom is out of town and dad is working!  The girls who are now 5 and 7 (they were 6mo, and 3yrs when I first met them!) and I have already had a few days of fun skipping around the city exploring some of our favorite spots!  On Thursday we attended a spring break children’s festival… waited in line for 45 minutes to get faces painted, and watched a few magic shows!


It has sure been special for me to just sit and chat with them.  They are going through a bit of a rough time as a family, so seeing their faces light up when we are hanging out is a wonderful feeling!

Yesterday we were talking about Baby Bumpkin.  They were trying to guess his name (a common past time around these parts if I remember correctly).  After suggesting the names of several inanimate objects…. How does Baby Couch Cushion sound to you?… We moved on to Super heros!  The conversation ended when we unanimously agreed that Baby’s middle name should be Batman!  I asked why his middle name and the 7 year old replied without missing a beat, “So that his first name could be Na na na na na na na na (to the tune of the theme song)”  Brilliant!

I would hate to disappoint you all, so I will leave you with another clue to Baby Bumpkin’s real name, however, know that N. Batman Bumpkin, is now in serious contention! 🙂

Our baby’s name, has many close ties to the Battle of Waterloo!  How’s that for some historical influence…  waving that nerd flag loud and proud over here!

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