Why I Stopped Making Videos

I wanted to quickly address something that has recently come up, and I realize that I left a lot of people hanging, with no real explanation as to what happened or why I no longer vlog.   When I started this blog, most of you came over from my shameless self plugs on Youtube.  I actually started vlogging on Youtube before I started blogging here, and I know I would have never built the small, but mostly faithful following I see here if it wasn’t for my Youtube channel.

A little while ago I made the decision to stop making youtube videos and actually deleted my whole channel.  I still have a profile associated with one of my email accounts so I can watch and keep up with those I subscribe to.  I really love watching you all so much, but vlogging just didn’t feel right to me anymore.

youtube logo

In retrospect I did delete my channel too quickly, I wish I had of slept on it for a day or two before walking away completely from it.  It has always been a positive for me, in the sense that I was never sent negative feedback, or had any kind of “run ins” with bullies of any kind. I enjoyed interacting with everyone and developed a deep sense of community, which for someone who feels often very isolated in real life was a big plus.

With all these great, warm, fluffy feelings, why stop it, you might ask.  Well simply put, I was insecure.  I didn’t feel like the content or quality of my videos were up to par, I didn’t think anyone would care, or even notice that my channel was gone.  I felt very vulnerable putting myself out there in video format, and although I enjoyed so many aspects of it, I worried more about what others (in real life) might think should they find my channel than what I was getting out of it.

In the future I may decide to start a new channel.  It is something that would take a lot of thought, planning and consideration.  I love the idea of sharing my experiences as a new, first time mother but I don’t want to enter into it lightly, like I did before I was ever expecting Baby.

I will absolutely be sharing all I can here on this blog about Baby Bumpkin, the last little bit of my pregnancy, and my labour/birth expectations, worries, anxieties, and the experience.  I also want to update about Baby Bumpkin once he’s here as well!  Basically anything I would be expected to vlog… I’ll blog!   I need to thank you all so much for your love, support, messages, comments, they have really meant so much to me!

I hope you understand, and I hope that I can turn this blog into a place you keep coming back to for updates on our family.  As well as for your daily dose of my witty and charming sense of humour!

Until next time!

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