Name That Baby!

I realized today that I have skipped 2 weeks of Baby Bumpkin’s Name Game!!!!  Shame on me!    I have been LOVING all of your guesses so far!  Remember, if you guess correctly, you are entered into a draw for a $50 gift card!  If nobody guesses correctly everyone who made an attempt will be entered to win!

I thought I would share a flash back photo from my childhood!  I recently took a look through one of the scrapbooks my own mom made for me and scanned a few photos onto my computer.  I can’t wait to meet Baby Bumpkin, and see what similarities I see between him and myself.

Kalynn Baby

I’m not entirely sure how old I was in this photo, but I have to say, I can sure rock a knit!  I have a suspicion that Baby will look a lot like Hubby Bumpkin when he’s born, but I had such distinct features I’d be a little surprise if he doesn’t resemble me at least a little bit.

Over the next few weeks I’d like to share a few more photos  myself and Hubby Bumpkin as young children!   Once the lil’ guy arrives I think it’ll give you an idea of who he looks the most like!

Name Game Clue:

Baby Bumpkin shares his name with one of the most famous World War 1 military generals!

Good Luck!

3 thoughts on “Name That Baby!

  1. Well I’m assuming you’re talking American Generals and as a Brit chatting to you from the other side of the pond (and therefore exempt from your draw) I’m going to guess for fun and as the only one I have ever heard about is John Pershing? I think? I’ll guess John 🙂

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