Bumpkin Self Improvement

Money is a big stressor to me, it always has been.  When I was 10 years old my family, including my Grandpa, road tripped to the East Coast!  On our way out East, my grandpa made a wrong turn and put us about 5 hours closer to NYC than we had ever intended to be.  We needed to turn around and head back North.  Hearing the adults talk about the additional time it would take to reach our intended destination put me into a full on anxiety attack.  I was convinced that my parents wouldn’t be able to afford the rest of the trip (You know the price of gas is too damn high when…) and I had myself convinced we would never make it back home!  Some pretty scary stuff for a 10 yr old!  I did mention we were still on our way there, right?!  After calming me down in the back of my Grandpa’s motor home, my dad took over driving duty, and we were back on track, none the poorer after Grandpa filled up the tank!

Left: Showing off in the Atlantic Ocean  Right: My family and my Great Grandma on the Cabot Trail

Left: Showing off in the Atlantic Ocean Right: My family and my Great Grandma on the Cabot Trail

I bet you can imagine the issues I brought into our marriage!  Despite my anxieties regarding money, I seemed to be pretty bad with it.  I couldn’t save two pennies if my life depended on it… you know waaaay back in the day when Canada actually had pennies!   Student debt, irresponsible spending, a trip to France we really couldn’t afford and a few traffic tickets later we had maxed out our credit cards, and were hardly able to pay the bills.

I swear officer, I read the 6 in 60km/hr as a 9!  Oops.

The stress was too much to bear, and I knew if  there was any hope of happiness in my life, or our marriage we’d have to get out of debt!  I devised a plan, budgeted our funds, and paid down our debt faster than I thought possible.  We then used the debt repayment money to build our savings.  That almost entirely went towards a down payment on our house, so now we’re back to building our savings account!

Tomorrow I am going to share my top 5 tips that have made all the difference for us!  And the steps that I am following to build our savings once again!

In the meantime, I’d love to hear what you do to budget whether you are a one or two income family.

One thought on “Bumpkin Self Improvement

  1. We have a 2 income house but wow we suck at budgeting our money. We jump into big purchases & the such way too quickly before we think about our budge. And like you we have taken trips that we really couldn’t afford. I can’t wait to read your post tomorrow!!

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