Nursery Progress

Well the ball has been dropped this past week as well, but with very good reason!  Blogging every weekday I’ve discovered really needs to be just a guideline, and not a hard and fast rule.  Life trumps internet.  That said, I really do love this part of my life and I hope to get back into this on a week-daily basis starting now!

My good friend “A” came out on Monday in the midst of what I hope is the last good snow storm this year.  She actually got her car stuck at the end of our driveway, but thankfully some friendly passersby stopped to push her out!  (I was blissfully unaware sitting in my windowless closet/craftroom).  It is so fabulous to have friends from the Big City come all the way out here.  Especially ones that agree to slave labour!

IMG_1132This was taken about a week before “A” came out.  I had my dad and brother come out to take the bed back to their house, and move other large furniture out of the room.  Then I worked for a solid week to remove the lovely Wolf border that ran along the top of each wall.

IMG_1138I have been waiting since the day we first looked at this house to remove this lovely indoor representation of nature from the room, but knew that it wasn’t worth the effort until I was ready to redecorate.  Somehow.. and don’t ask me how, Hubby Bumpkin became rather attached.

I’ve removed wallpaper before, I’ve used all the tricks water, steam, and fabric softener etc.  Let me tell you, nothing was taking this off easily!  I had 1 day of help from my parents, and then I was on my own.  With a spray bottle of water, and a scraper, I finished taking down all of the border 7 days later!  The outside layer of the border was made from a waterproof vinyl and only came off in small, soul defeating pieces.  Some spots were better than others, but it was a job I wouldn’t wish on anyone!


I also put away the Pack n’ Play that my nephew had been sleeping in last time he was here.  The only thing left in the room was the dresser.

“A” and I, with very limited combined solo painting experience, decided that we better just get started and hope for the best.


We had coat #1 on the walls, and were about to get started on the ceiling… that is why I have a smile on my face.  I had no idea what ceiling painting was all about.

IMG_1187Unfortunately some “aggressive paint application” lead to an equipment malfunction.  We were left with one good roller to paint the ceiling.  The good news here was that we took turns and were able to rest our sore necks and backs in between our shift of pain!

IMG_1185“A” was a pro, look at that technique!

Here are the final results!  The colour really doesn’t photograph like in real life, but I am so happy with the results!  I plan to use some Orange and Blue accents!


I will be sure to add more photos as the room gets completed and furniture gets added.  I am so grateful to have had help making this happen.  After a couple days of recovery, I realized that this is a project that just wouldn’t have happened if I was left on my own to do it!

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