52 Reasons I Love You

Like I talked about Yesterday, Sunday was our 6th Wedding Anniversary!

We are not big gift givers, actually we’re really not gift givers at all, and that has worked well for both of us because we simply speak other love languages.  But I still wanted to do something sweet and nice for Hubby Bumpkin this year, as at this time last year he was away training for his new career.

IMG_1173I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided to give it a go myself.  So I set to work, first collecting all required materials from around my house.  I started with a new deck of cards, but really loved the worn out and ‘vintage’ look some of the Pinterest examples showed.  So step one included distressing the deck of cards using a block of sandpaper.

IMG_1164I also used a hole punch to punch a hole through each card.  Thank Heavens it was in roughly the same spot on each card!


I used my Cricut Expressions to cut out mass amounts (53 to be exact) of these tag like shapes (really what are these called? I have no idea how to describe them) and used chocolate coloured ink to give the edged a distressed look.  On each one I wrote a reason I love my man!


I don’t want to say that the hardest part was coming up with 52 unique reasons I love my husband, but the rest of the project was really so easy!  Also there was a huge element of ‘cheesiness’ that needs to be addressed with a project like this.  It can be difficult to think of things, put it into words that fit on a 2 inch paper, and won’t just make my guy roll his eyes!

IMG_1174After gluing each paper to a card, I thread a single ribbon through the holes I punched and tied with a bow, making it into a tiny little card book.

I gave it to him while we were at dinner, and he totally rolled his eyes, called it lame, and then proceeded to sit and read each one right there at the table!  He can put on a tough guy front, but I could tell it really did mean something to him that I took the time out to make this.

It was simple, fun, and I personally think it looks really great.  For the IMPOSSIBLE to buy for guy in your life, this is a great DIY gift!

PS  Everyone crafts in a workspace that looks like this right?!?!?!


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