6 Years

Happy Monday!!!  I doubt it was missed, but after the stress of my midwife appointment, and the follow up tests last week I took a couple of days off from blogging.  I am really surprised, to be honest, that I have managed to make it this far blogging every weekday since early January.  I love writing here, and committing to writing 260 posts this year, was only meant to motivate me to keep up with something, that I know will pay off personally down the road.  Obviously this is just a goal or target, and I do not consider it a “failure” in anyway, to have taken a few days break.  I am very grateful to have made this a place to reflect on me, and my growing family, and keep track of the goings on in our life!  It’s like my little online journal!  I am so happy to share this with you as well, I hope you’ve been enjoying reading my posts, and I love and appreciate all of your comments and feedback!

And now back to our regularly scheduled blog!

Yesterday was our 6th Wedding Anniversary.  In some ways it seems like just a couple of weeks ago, and in others it feels like we’ve been together our whole lives!  One thing is for sure, I love this man more now that I ever have before!

6th Anniversary

In the last year alone our lives have changed drastically.  We have endured another combined 5 months of separation (something that has been common place in our relationship due to the Canadian Military).  Hubby Bumpkin started his new career, I gave up my job, we bought our first home, moved to a rural area a few hours from family and friends and found out we are expecting our first baby.   It was a big year for us to say the least!

Year #7 is going to be full of changes and surprises, I’m sure and I look forward to it all with my main squeeze by my side!

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