Update to Yesterday’s Post

First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who was so supportive and encouraging to me yesterday!  All I can say is that I appreciate you guys so much!

My midwife called yesterday with my initial results which weren’t looking good.  My blood work showed higher than normal levels of liver enzyme, and she was concerned that they were indicating I could have HELLP Syndrome.  She wanted me to have another blood test as soon as possible, and scheduled me in this morning for another poke.

I went in and the nurse, who was extremely sweet, made me super comfortable, it took her some time to decide where exactly she was going to draw the blood from though.  At my appointment yesterday the student who took my blood left my arm quite bruised.  She wanted to take it from the crook in my other arm, but the vein just wasn’t cooperating, she eventually found one though, on the side of my arm.  I have to say it was the least pleasant needle I’ve had in recent memory.  But my big girl panties were on, and I thought I took it like a champ!

I was busy the rest of the day, and didn’t hear back my results until after suppertime.  Leah, my midwife called and let me know that the tests were ‘relatively normal’.  They showed heightened levels of liver enzymes again, but the other indicators for HELLP weren’t there.  She did consult with the OB on call in the Big City who thought that the best course of action for now is to start monitoring me weekly from this point on.

I drive an hour to see my midwife for every appointment now, so doing this once a week, starting so early, isn’t my idea of a good time, but I am so happy with the results of todays test that I’ll happily accept whatever conditions come with the good news!  We may even be able to work it out so that I see a nurse at the small clinic only 10 minutes from home every other week, just to limit the commute time every single week!

In the end this means so many great things!!!  Baby Bumpkin is doing great!  I am feeling well, and aside from closely watching my blood pressure, I don’t need any other ‘special’ care!  and Hubby Bumpkin and I can both breathe a huge sign of relief and wear a huge smile knowing that we have just the most amazing support system that always steps in when we need to lean on them, whether the issue is a big one or a small one!

One thought on “Update to Yesterday’s Post

  1. So glad the outcome of your second test brought better news for you and your hubby (and Baby Bumpkin of course). Hopefully you’ll have a relatively stress free pregnancy from this point in, especially if you can arrange for your Midwife appointments to be closer.

    I recommend a hefty portion of rest and relaxation time today.

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