Flat Pop, Needles, and More Tests!

Today I am 28 weeks pregnant!!!  I took a belly shot this morning, and can really see the changes my body has been making.  Although I’m struggling a little with self image, I am LOVING this bump!  I just can’t get over how awesome it is that my body is creating this new human!  Ahh sweet, squishy new humans are the best!

7 Months

I had a midwife appointment today and I left feeling less confident than I had been going in.  Today was my Glucose test.  When I arrived I sat down in the waiting area and drank the ‘orange pop’ that they give you.  It really wasn’t bad at all, aside from the slight ‘burn’ I’ve always associated with carbonated drinks the taste and ‘texture’ were perfectly fine. (I worried it would be thick and syrupy, it wasn’t)  I waited only about 30 minutes before my appointment officially started.

Glucose Drink

The student working with my midwife started my appointment again (I met her a few weeks ago, at the last one)  She was good, a lot more conversational, less reading off the page which happened last time.  When my midwife joined us we discussed recent symptoms, just random soreness, frequent waking at night etc.  and a few things that are unique to us.  For example I will need a copy of the record of birth to use to take baby back and forth across the border before his birth certificate arrives.

Then we got down to business.  The student measured my belly, at 26cm.  My midwife measured at 27-28 and said all were perfectly acceptable numbers.  They felt around and told me Baby Bumpkin is sitting head down (Yay!!!), but that he could still move around and change positions, until about 34 weeks, which is when they’d really like him to be in position and ready to launch with no changes.  Baby’s heart rate was 135 bpm.

When it was time to draw my blood, I was very nervous.  I have always hated needles, but if I’m gonna be a momma one day very soon, I know I better suck it up!  The student did the blood test, but unfortunately didn’t get the best poke, so I could only fill 2 viles which wasn’t enough for all of the tests we were hoping to run.  Instead of poking me again, my Midwife suggested that we just wait for the other tests until my next appointment. (Did I mention I absolutely adore my Midwife).  When she phoned with my results I passed my glucose test!  There were however a few things that lead her to be concerned.

My blood pressure was higher than normal, something like 135/82, which she said wasn’t ideal, but not high enough to consult with a Doctor just yet.  Especially since my bp has always been good in the past.  My urine test showed trace amounts of protein.  These things combined with some slight discomfort on my right hand side, and wonky liver enzymes leads her to worry about the possibility of HELLP Syndrome. H — hemolysis the breakdown of red blood cells  EL — elevated liver enzymes  LP — low platelet count

Now, I know I should know better… I really should, but I Googled what that was and what treatments are available.  The short answer is that the only effective treatment is delivering the baby immediately.  Umm… no bueno! That is obviously not an ideal situation, but until we know more, there isn’t anything I can really do about it other than hope and pray that things are ok.

I am going for a complete work up tomorrow morning and we’ll get more information at that time.  For now I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers, and of course please share if this is a situation you’ve experienced before!  I love hearing from others in similar situations!

I promise to keep you updated when I can!

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