Canuck to the Core

Yesterday I was invited by a friend to a gathering at the curling rink in a nearby town.  The church in one town invited the church from another for a ‘social get together’ and some good ol’ fashioned Canadian fun on a cold Sunday afternoon!


I haven’t actually attended either church that was involved, but it was such a fantastic opportunity to get to know many of the local people, and give them the chance to know me a little better.  Even almost 1 year later, I’m still recognized as ‘The new –insert Hubby Bumpkin’s job title here—‘s wife’ and not by name to most people.  I could tell that many people were surprised to see me, but it was good to get to sit and chat with a handful of new people at this event.

Some people played board games, there was a chili lunch, and almost everyone had the chance to curl!  There were lots of laughs, both on and off the ice!

Curling, incase you are unfamiliar is the sport of throwing rocks at houses!  The rocks, coloured stones as seen above, slide down a sheet of ice aimed at the house, or target like rings on the other end.  All the while, other players use brooms to sweep the ice, creating friction that warms the ice making the rock move further/ in the desired direction.  Believe it or not there is some technique involved, and the ‘curl’ you put on the rock makes a big difference to the outcome of the game.  I hadn’t played since a friend’s birthday party in Jr. High but over all I had a blast today!

I achieved my 3 goals in sport:

A. I didn’t hurt myself, running on ice has it’s risks, and being a tad front heavy made me nervous.  I just took things slow, and although I’m sure sore today, I never fell or injured myself in anyway!

B. I didn’t hurt anybody else.  The biggest risks here were from me potentially falling on, or near others, pulling them down with me, and from aggressive  use of the broom.

C. I didn’t damage any equipment or structure.  Although I’m not convinced you could damage one of the rocks, the broom didn’t break, and I didn’t somehow take out any lights, fans, or windows!


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