Photo on 2013-02-22 at 08.00Good Morning 7am!  Now to the average ‘working girl’… as in those with a job, not those who fashion a career after Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman… this may seem like no big deal.  Hell, you may have arrived at work well over an hour ago, as I previously did.  But for this unemployed housewife, soon entering her 8th month of pregnancy (Umm WHAT?!?!) 7 am is a painful, painful time.

It also doesn’t help that I have been such a night owl lately.  I’m in bed usually no earlier than 12 30 or 1 am, and sleep has been troublesome, with my frequent wakings to empty my what now feels like a dime sized bladder, and dreams that seem so real, it’s like trying to sleep with a 3d HD television inside my head!

After a less than stellar day yesterday, a tired, grumpy and very sore Kalynn made it to bed by about 1 30am, with only half the house prepared for company arriving for lunch today!  That means: Early Wake Up!!!

So following the FLYLADY’s recommendations, I got dressed (not to shoes… umm lady I don’t even wear socks on a good day, I’m not wearing shoes inside my house!) and put on my face!

Considering I don’t remember opening my eyes before grabbing my laptop to blog just now, I’d say I did a half decent job!  I also tried this ‘flippy thing’ with my hair this morning, using my straightening iron.  Although I’m not sure of the results, I’m accepting them as grace I didn’t give myself 2nd degree burns in my exhausted stumblings.

Now to once again put away the computron. (No, that wasn’t a typo…, my macbook is regularly referred to as a computron!)  and get the rest of this house spick and span in less than 2 hours!


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