Baby Bumpkin’s Bedroom

After months and months of indecisiveness, I finally have a vision for Baby Bumpkin’s nursery!  Simple is key in my plans, as I’ve really struggled with the ‘baby factor’ invading our home.  I think it mostly comes down to my lack of confidence in decorating to begin with, also, too much stuff is very overwhelming to me.

I also wanted to stay away from ‘baby blue’ knowing we were having a boy.  Although had baby been a girl, blues were the first colour I was looking at.  Strangely enough, in the end I’m going with the colour I had originally had my eye on, when we repainted the rest of my house this past summer, before Bebe was even a sparkle in our eyes!

We chose ‘Blue Grass’ by Benjamin Moore.  (American names for paint colours can vary)  I find the name highly appropriate with our personal style, and although part of the blue family, I feel that there is enough green and softness in the colour to take away from the ‘predictable’ nature that comes with baby blue!  Benjamin Moore is what I’ve used to paint every room in our house.  I love it’s coverage, (especially the Aura line) but for the nursery, they also sell a line of VOC free paint, that gives me piece of mind.. you know… incase I get one of those babies who chips paint off the wall and eats it!


This is the room before!  Mostly used for storage, and as one of 2 guest rooms, one of the first jobs is to take down that AWFUL wolf border that has been up since we’ve moved in.   Let me tell you, if you ever need to put up wall paper in your home, I can recommend a local family who really seems to know what they are doing.  This stuff does not want to come down.  I’m going on day 4 and I have only finished 1 complete wall!



People have been suggesting all kinds of tips and tricks to get it to come off, but nothing other than some extra elbow grease, and time is getting this sucker down!

Also in terms of getting this room together, I was recently given a huge box of hand-me-down clothes from my nephew, as well as some thrift store and consignment store buys from my mom.  I decided to wash and put away those items as well as hang up all the new clothes my mom also bought, to be washed as needed a little closer to my due date.

IMG_1154I am finally feeling less and less overwhelmed with the idea of ‘getting ready for baby’.  It’s much more fun now to think about him wearing each little outfit and what he will look like.


Baby Bumpkin’s shares the first name of a very famous brew, that you probably know best only by a last name!


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