1 Way We Reduce the Garbage in Our House

We are getting closer and closer to the 1 year mark of ‘Country Living’!  April 1st is our first anniversary of moving to our tiny hamlet!  And although there have been some draw backs and rough times, I can really say it has been a wonderful experience!

Raised garden bed before 2012 planting.

Raised garden bed before 2012 planting.

Last summer was my first go at gardening!  There were some aspects that didn’t go as planned, but I learned a lot and I am really excited to plan for this summer!  I’m just praying for the energy!  Baby Bumpkin is due the day I would plan to put in the garden…. natural labour induction method perhaps!?!


One thing I started last year that I really enjoyed was our compost bin!  I kept an ice cream pail under the sink in our kitchen, and I converted a plastic garbage bin into a compost bin by punching holes throughout.  This method worked well for our first year, and I am so happy to say it cut down the waste in our kitchen garbage significantly.

By the end of the summer we had a good start on our compost, but I know that we can do better!  We took a break over the winter, (carrying out compost in -40 degrees, just wasn’t high on the priority list) but I am really excited to get back into it asap!

A little buddy was attracted to the warmth of our bin!

A little buddy was attracted to the warmth of our bin!

This year I think we’ll lose the plastic bin, as the down sides with having more compost, it that the bin’s size and shape make ‘turning’ the compost more difficult.  I was nervous about attracting animals to our yard, as we have a healthy black bear population in the area, but I was really amazed that there was next to no smell, even after adding freshly decomposing foods!

If I can get Hubby Bumpkin to agree I would really like to build a set up like this one in the spring:
compostI would need his agreement only because he’d be the one building it 🙂 .  We are also upgrading our ‘indoor bucket’  We are waiting for our ‘side walk salts’ to be gone, and we’ll use the 5 gal. pail they came in!  (Canadian Winter Problems.  Eh?)

I have seen all kinds of pretty counter top composters, but we could easily fill one of those in a day, and I’d prefer something that can stay inside for a few days between trips out to the garden.  I am looking forward to everything that this spring and summer are going to bring.  Although I’m cautious to not bite off more than I can chew, I’m excited to put composting back into our routine!


Do you compost?  What is your set up like?  Have you found it makes a difference in your garden quality?





2 thoughts on “1 Way We Reduce the Garbage in Our House

  1. I love your raised bed set up, especially with the chicken wire and post set up which I assume you use to grow beans, peas and squashes up? I have chicken wire along the ranch style fence my hubby (Mud) put in which separates the veg patch from the kids lawned play area. I have used it to grow Cobnut squashes up and along for the last couple of seasons over here (UK) and it does the job really well.

    Good luck with this season and with the natural induced labour 😀

  2. We live in an apartment, so composting would be a tricky thing to accomplish. I thought about doing something like this:

    but I would have to keep it somewhere in the apartment since it gets way too hot on our balcony in spring/summer/fall. What with bugs already being an issue with apartment living, I’m scared to even try. As soon as we have any sort of yard I WILL be composting. I grew up in suburbs, and even there we had a compost. I was really just a pile behind the garage, but it got the job done.

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