Great Big Heart Shaped Date

Happy…..wait for it….. Thursday everybody!!!

You were expecting me to wish you a Happy Valentines Day weren’t you!?  Well I’m not one for limiting other’s joy of the ‘season’ simply because I don’t celebrate, so Happy Valentines Day!!!!

I find that this time of year brings out 2 schools of people, those who love and live for the unexpected expected flowers and chocolates, date nights with their love, and an evening of canoodling by the fire, or while watching a movie, or simply after the kidlets are in bed and the house is finally quiet!  And those who are bitter, angry, lonely individuals.  Single or otherwise.  The woman who’s husband never remembers, or cares enough to pick up a little something special, or the single person who only wanted to go out with friends for drinks in the evening but the crowds forced them to stay home.


I have to say honestly though, people forget that there is a 3rd group of people that I personally relate the most to.  We see, we acknowledge, but we don’t participate in or celebrate the holiday.  It’s not about bitterness or whining about how ‘it’s only a Hallmark Holiday’ (aren’t they all these days?).  It just is not an important date to us.

Hubby Bumpkin and I have been together just about 7 years, and married for almost 6!  Every year as couple we hang out at home, just like any other night.  There are no flowers or chocolates (besides what I normally keep around the house).  We see nothing wrong at all, with those who want to make something special out of the date, it’s just not for us.

I have had many conversations with my mum specifically, who felt like I was getting ‘jipped’ out of gifts.  I had never felt this way, I wasn’t interested in receiving those gifts, I really didn’t feel that it represented Hubby Bumpkin’s feelings for me at all.  It wasn’t until I read the book The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts by Gary Chapman, that it all made sense to me.  My mum’s ‘love language’ is receiving gifts.  It is important for her to feel loved that time and thought are taken and put into a gift (even something small, or inexpensive).  I have other love languages, I value other avenues of showing love so much more, that I don’t miss out on the gifts at all.

That said, becoming a mother myself very soon, has me thinking about the traditions I want to start with Baby Bumpkin.  Obviously there are the boxes of school valentines, and candies to share with his classmates.  I plan on leaving him something pretty small, maybe a heart shaped chocolate bar or something similar, but like other holidays I think our plan is to keep things simple and low key.

For your viewing pleasure, here are some valentines cards I found to be quite amusing.  No offence intended.

funny valentines

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