A Royal By Any Other Name

Hubby Bumpkin and I have had many discussions about Baby’s name, and it’s importance and significance to us.

Factors like family names, strong or powerful meanings, cultural origin etc are all things that we’ve discussed.  Hubby Bumpkin is named after his great grandfathers, one from his mom’s side and one from his dad’s.  I, in a way, was named after my mom and my middle name is after my paternal grandmother.  Family ties are important to us, and welcome as part of the selection, but I personally don’t feel any pressure to use a family name.


I am sure glad that there isn’t the level of scrutiny and expectation over our baby’s name that other famous parents deal with.  I think about William and Kate’s baby and do not envy their task of choosing just the perfect name for the future heir!      Part of why we aren’t sharing our top choice name, is to avoid any criticism, or unwelcome comments or opinions on the name we really love.  I’m prepared to deal with both later on should it happen, but for now we just want to enjoy the name we’ve chosen.

While family is important to me, and we will be honouring a close family member with Baby Bumpkin’s middle name,  I don’t actually know anybody in real life with his first name!  That said, there have been several important people in history, and in literature that I believe have done his name proud!  If one day he asks “Mum, who did you name me after?” I’d be happy to share with him the historical characters that he shares a name with!

Today’s hint is that Baby Bumpkin’s name has been mentioned on several Royal watcher’s lists.  Although not a common name now, should the Royal couple choose it I’d be so thrilled to see it jump in popularity.

One thought on “A Royal By Any Other Name

  1. argh! I’ve got a bazillion browser tabs open – top 100 baby names, what will william and kate name baby, gaelic baby names, welsh baby names…. Huey? (I’m horrible at name guessing… but this is actually my son’s middle name, so thought I’d give it a shot!) Hugh? Drew?

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