How We Clean Without Using Chemicals

Every once in a while a product comes along that I feel truly changes my life!  Something that I look back to before owning and I wonder to myself… What on earth did I do without it?

Right now that’s how I feel about my cleaning products!  For a few years now, I have used little more than water to clean my whole house!  How is this possible, you ask?  Because of Norwex!


I have touched on this in past posts, but Norwex is a company originally in Norway (bet ya didn’t see that coming did ya!?)  And their North American Headquarters is only hours away from my home, here in the Canadian Prairies!

Norwex is a line of cleaning and beauty products that are focused on avoiding toxins in your home.  They are sold through direct sales (probably my least favorite sales method) and I promise you I get nothing in return for writing about their product.  In fact, I’ll be honest, Norwex products aren’t cheap!  There is an up front cost that scares a lot of people away from them, but let me tell you about why I feel it is well worth the investment!

I have not purchased any other cleaning product in almost 2 years!  What 2 years of a clean house would cost me in Lysol, Scrubbing Bubbles, and even white vinegar, I have saved by using Norwex.  I am also always impressed with how well the cloths, especially, have held up to regular use and washings!

4 Enviro ClothsThe Enviro Cloths look and feel like almost any other microfiber cleaning cloths.  The difference however is a much higher thread count, in addition to silver being woven into the fibers.  Doctors use silver instruments because they are antibacterial, and it’s the same idea with these cloths.  Using only water these cloths pick up everything and kill the bacteria left on any surfaces.  I have each of the above colours, and I find colour coding for each job/room really helps me keep track of the cloth!

windowThe Polish or “window” cloth is AMAZING, and probably my favorite product.  I used to be obsessed with Windex, I used it to clean not only windows and mirrors, but also surfaces, as it contained ammonia.  In my early quest to ‘go green’ I tried the vinegar and newspaper trick on mirrors and was never satisfied.  Until I attended my first Norwex party.  The host was instructed to smear butter onto 2 mirrors the sales woman had brought.  One guest was given paper towels and Windex, the host was given the window cloth and a spray bottle with just water.  Until you saw them compete head to head, you wouldn’t have imagined how easy it was to clean the mirror to a streak free shine using only water… and this cloth!  I use it all the time, as well I use it on my electric cook top stove, stainless steel appliances and on my sinks and faucets to make everything shiny!  I love it!

In addition to the above, I regularly use the Dusting Mitt, Bathroom Scrub Mitt, Dry and Wet Mop (large) with the rubber brush (which has many other uses as well), Cleaning Paste, Dishwashing Liquid, Mattress Cleaner, Oven Cleaner, Sanira Toilet Brush System, and Dryer Balls when cleaning, and the Silver Care Toothbrushes, make up removal cloths, and Body Pack Face Cloths in my hygiene routine.  All of these products I really love, and would recommend.

Norwex (1)

In the past I’ve also used Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent which I have no issues with other than the price, and the Odour Eliminator spray, and Crystal Deodorant which I wasn’t a fan of.   

If you have never been to a Norwex ‘party’ I would recommend looking up a sales rep in your area and hosting one yourself!  It is the best way to get cheap, or free product, making cleaning green much more affordable!

The cloths that I have show little sign of wearing out anytime soon, and I feel great knowing that I no longer am coating the surfaces in my house with toxic chemicals.  Some people really miss the ‘lemony scent’ when they switch to these products, but that has never been a big deal for be as I can see and feel how clean my house really is (without the headache I get from strong scents)

If you have any questions about the products that I listed, but didn’t go into detail about, please don’t hesitate to ask, I could have written 30 pages reviewing each one!  I highly recommend giving Norwex a try to make an easy switch to a chemical free home!

Happy Cleaning!

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