Bumpkin Beauty 101

So lately I’ve really made leaps and bounds in my de-clutter and organization 2013 goals!  The other night I took that bit of progress and turned it into motivation to continue.  The next victim?  My makeup stash!

I have a small, but completely random collection of makeup, most of which I’ve had for far too long! It was time to P.U.R.G.E.!  (on the record I’d like to say, the make up that I had been holding on to for several years in some cases, was not in use, just taking up space in the bag.  I like to avoid nasty eye infections whenever possible!)

Similar to my clothing style, I don’t really have a clue what I’m doing when it comes to makeup.  I don’t remember ever being taught how to apply makeup, or being brave enough to experiment with colours or dramatic styles .  Starting around age 12, I would wear very neutral eyeshadow to school, I think my mom was just relieved that I wasn’t caking on the bright blue eyeshadow, she never encouraged me to push limits or try new looks!  This continued into my late teens and early adulthood.  Even while living with a roommate addicted to bold glitter eye shadows!


After pulling out my collection, I figured why not teach myself starting now!  I set myself up with a mirror and a youtube tutorial video!  I wanted a full face tutorial and once I found one that looked simple enough for even me to handle, I went to town!


I started with my ‘naked’ face, clean and moisturizer on, I used what was left of my makeup to copy and complete my own version of the ‘look’ the tutorial was trying to achieve.


I did my eyes first, which was a change.  It’s sad to discover that you were doing it wrong from step 1!  But I will say it made it much, MUCH easier to deal with all the dark powder that inevitably ends up underneath my eyes!


The tutorial also advised me to use foundation, before concealer… another new one for me!  I have used the same shade of foundation for many years now, and I could use a change.  I need some help, and on a recent trip to the Big City, I found myself standing in Sephoras, looking confused as all get out.  I was offered no help.  Granted, the store was busy, and I never sought out assistance myself, but I was so overwhelmed I left, poorly matched foundation still on my sad, sad face!

The best trick to living with poor coloured foundation, I’ve found, has been to ‘blend’ in the foundation with some bronzer and blush.  For the sake of this tutorial I also topped my face with a loose powder, and I really liked the results!

IMG_1078I could still use a few more tutorials in blush/bronzer application.  I’m interested in learning about highlighting and contouring.  I also would love more time to play around with eyeshadow, as this look is a little dramatic for me.  I’m sure the more I play, the more confidence I’ll gain.  For now however, I’ll slowly work at tweaking my look, with the little makeup I have left!  At least it’s well organized and easily accessible now!

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