Monthy “Bump”kin & Name Clue #3

On Tuesday I ‘turned’ 24 weeks pregnant with baby bumpkin!!!  Although the first half of my pregnancy seemed to drag on by, lately I have no idea where the time is going!

Like I shared in a previous post, Hubby Bumpkin was less than enthusiastic about taking my picture this month as well.  He even let out a “Do I haaaaaaave to?”  Sometimes, I swear, he’s just training me for those school age years that in the back of my mind I so dread!

6 monthsI am slightly amused that in every single photo thus far I’ve been barefoot!  Yesterday it was about -20 degrees celsius (-4F), and that was a ‘warm day’!  I have always hated wearing socks or shoes, even out in the yard I’m often barefoot, in the summer at least.  Pregnancy just makes me a stereotype!


If you are interested in reading Clues #1 and #2 you can find them in the posts here and here!

I’ve been loving some of the suggestions so far!  Some are super creative, and others are names that have been, at times, on my list of favorites!  Someone even suggested my Grandpa’s name!

Today’s clue is that Baby Bumpkin’s name is well-known in children’s and adult’s television, movies, and literature!

Leave your guesses below for the chance to win a $50 Gift Card!!!

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