Snack Time!

Just over 1 year ago, Hubby Bumpkin left on a 15 week course training for his new career.  After arriving at the ‘school’ he phoned to let me know how his first few days went.  For whatever reason, at the time, I was most interested in how many breaks he got in a day of training.  “Do you get snack time every day?” I asked.  It took him a second to register what I was asking, and after laughing at me, filled me in on the obvious.  Grown ups, especially those working in the law enforcement field, don’t call it ‘snack time’. It’s a coffee break! I feel like I need to add an enthusiastic “DUH!” to the end of that thought.

After working in childcare for so long, certain things just slip your mind, and come to think of it, although I do enjoy an occasional cup of coffee, I much more look forward to eating a snack during any break in a work day.


Today I wanted to share with you my current favorite snack!  Apples and peanut butter!  I know, I’m the last person to give this a shot, and I have no idea what the hesitation was!  I’m not a big apple eater, but my Mother in Law recently picked me up an apple slicer from Ikea that matched my kitchen colours perfectly!  It’s so easy to use, I have no excuse not to put it to use as much as possible!

apple slicer Spritta, IkeaI’m not usually into ‘one hit wonders’ in my kitchen, I figure a good knife and spoon will do just about any job, but of course I’m not one to argue with the genius of this!  It’s just so quick and easy!  I still have no idea where I’m going to store it, but so far that hasn’t been a problem, because it just stays out on the counter it gets used so frequently!

What is your current favorite snack?  Do you have a bunch of ‘one hit wonders’ in your kitchen?  Which ones are your favorite?

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