Home Management Binder

If there is something I struggle with on almost every single day, it is my unmatched talent at making messes, being forgetful and in general being a scattered, organizational disaster!

I’ve known for a long time that something’s gotta give!  At the start of the year I made it my goal to de-clutter and get organized!  It may be a slow start but I’m getting there!  My project over the last week or so was to put together a Home Management Binder to keep me on track daily!


I spent a lot of time looking through Pinterest at the plethora of home binder printables available!  I eventually settled on the ones I found to be most clear, easy to use and best of all, FREE!!!  You can find them here!  I liked the variety of options, and that I could pick and choose which print outs worked best in our binder, and skip the ones that didn’t.

Being a 2 laptop couple, we no longer had much use for our desk top computer, or the desk it sat on.  When we bought our new bedroom furniture, we moved our old bed into what was then our office, and got rid of our desk.  Making it a little more difficult to work on office related projects!

IMG_0889After getting my supplies together, Hubby Bumpkin walked into the room with a horrified expression on his face.  After days of working to sort through and organize papers in what will become Baby Bumpkin’s room, he said “You’ve expanded your operation, I see.”  I had to laugh.  It always looks worse before it gets better right?   RIGHT?!?!

In my binder I included daily and monthly cleaning and to do lists, a month by month calendar, meal planning and recipes, address book and important info like our insurance policy numbers etc.


One tip I learned to save time and money by not requiring every single day to have it’s own sheet (think about that, 365 pieces of paper in one binder, only for daily to do’s!) was to put each paper in a plastic page protector and use a dry erase marker to write over top.  I even went as far as to test different markers to see what I liked best… and I found a clear winner!

IMG_0893The Zwipes marker, on the top, has a finer tip than most regular dry erase markers on the market, and doesn’t easily smudge away like the marker below did.  To erase, you simply use the other side of the pen to ‘wet’ the ink, and then dry it away with the built in sponges.  These are sold specifically for use with other Zwipes products, but I found they work perfectly on the page protectors in my binder!

I’m excited to start using my binder on a daily basis!  I know it will help me be more organized, and stay on track with my daily and monthly goals!  I plan to update you down the road to see if I’ve made any adjustments to my home management binder, and how it’s worked out for us!


Do you have a Binder or other system to keep your household running smoothly?  Have you found it helps, or do you think having one would be beneficial?

4 thoughts on “Home Management Binder

  1. I started one a couple of weeks ago! I have found it to be so useful! I use a lot of daily cleaning lists to help me keep on track! Checking off the boxes during the day and keeping up with my cute binder motivates me to keep my house in better shape! I will be trying the plastic cover and dry erase markers! Thanks for that idea! I hope you love your binder also! –Bee

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment! It is a fantastic tool, I’m finding I don’t use it every single day, but I’m much more productive with my time when I do! Hope the dry erase method works out for you! Let me know how it goes!

  3. I’d been using dry erase marker for a daily tasks sheet that I keep on a clipboard (I don’t open the binder up as often because it takes up too much space in my tiny kitchen when left open) but was always frustrated when they got smudge because they erased TOO easily.. then I discovered WET erase markers! The ones I got have a really fine tip so they’re easier to write smaller with and don’t get all spoodgey like the dry erase ones did. I’m guessing your fancy ones are something like that…

    • Yes, the ‘wet erase’ markers did the trick for me! They are perfect for keeping the ink on the page when I need it, and making it disappear so I can reuse the sheet again and again every time. I’m really loving it! I also have a hard time finding the right ‘spot’ for my binder, but I have found it to be very helpful in keeping me on task!

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