The Great Refrigerator Restock

When spending some time in the Big City last week, I decided to make the most of my last few hours near civilization by stocking up on groceries!  I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it here, we buy most of our food in the USA, with the exception of meat, and dairy which we only purchase in Canuckland.  When we do happen to be close enough to a Canadian grocery store we generally do a big shop and get everything on our list to save a separate trip down south.

I made a solo trip to Costco, where I spent our life savings on all kinds of yummy and practical items, including 2 huge containers of kitty litter that have rendered my back useless!  Seriously, it’s both financially and physically dangerous to let me go in by myself!

On my way home, I also popped into Superstore, and picked up the rest of my groceries.  When I pulled into our driveway I parked the car and carried what I could from the front seat inside.

While Hubby Bumpkin unloaded the rest of the car I very quickly emptied out what was left in our fridge, pulled out all of the shelves and drawers and gave the whole thing a good scrub down!  Everything we had left fit into the door!  I take that as a sign I need to shop more often!


Once that was finished our sparkling fridge was ready to be stocked!  As I was putting away our groceries it really hit me how blessed we are!  Not only that we have so much good and healthy (and junky too) food available to us, but also that I am able to purchase so much food, without worrying about how we’ll afford our mortgage payments, or clothing, or our hydro bill.  It can sure be easy to take the little things for granted!


I filmed a Costco haul video that’ll hopefully be up on my youtube channel very soon, so be sure to go check that out to see what all we stocked up on (and judge some of my poor health choices!)

Do you have a Costco membership?  What are some of your staple purchases there?

2 thoughts on “The Great Refrigerator Restock

  1. On a whim I figured I’d look up how far it is to the nearest Costco from here… 3 hours and 15 minutes.. meh. I guess it makes the trip to whole foods not look so far away (2 hrs and 56 minutes)

    • I don’t know that we have Whole Foods here… I am not very familiar with it anyways. Our Cosco is 2 hrs away. I’m still attached to my mom’s membership so I don’t have to worry about the cost/ if its worth it. Although as far as Cosco knows I still go by my maiden name and live at home with my parents 🙂

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