This Little Piggy Went to… The SPA!

Today I’m heading into the Big City with a friend from high school for a day of chit chat and relaxation!  We’re headed to the spa!  It’s been a while since we’ve hung out, so I’m really looking forward to seeing her!  I’m getting a manicure and pedicure, both of which are badly needed!


I thought for sure when got pregnant I would never do such things as breath in the fumes of toxic nail polish, or eat any seafood, or soft ice cream, or drink ANY caffeinated beverage!  I was going to do EVERYTHING perfectly!

One of the quickest lessons I’ve learned, is that pregnancy and parenting are a balancing act of choices and consequences.  Every choice comes with one, sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re bad.  I will admit I have done things far from perfectly.  I’ve eaten shrimp on my pizza, gasp! Had tea, coffee, and coca-cola, double gasp! And hold on to your panties ladies…. I’ve eaten soft ice cream!!!  And  damn it was good!  I could go on and on!

That doesn’t mean that I’m irresponsible, or don’t care about my baby.  I have made the decisions that are best for me and I’m willing to accept the responsibility of my actions!  There are some behaviours that may not be such a great idea: taking illegal drugs, cliff diving, eating kitty litter that I choose to abstain from for personal reasons.  It’s all about the risk/reward balance!  If baby has a 3rd arm because of something I ate, it’s just more baby to love ❤

I’m so looking forward to  having somebody take care of my poor, neglected little piggies!  I really believe in the happy mommy, happy baby theory!  And I promise to try not to breath in all that wonderful polish scent!

Did you break any ‘Pregnancy Rules’?  Confess in the comments!

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