Name Game Week #2

Today is the 2nd of my weekly posts about Baby Boy Bumpkin’s (say that 5 times fast… I dare you!) name!!!!  And another chance for you to enter to win a $50 gift certificate to a yet to be determined business. 🙂    First, however,  a little update of the shenanigans this lil guy is already up to!

...and they say our money looks fake... Oh wait. It does!

…and they say our money looks fake… Oh wait. It does!

I have been able to feel Baby Bumpkin moving for a little while now, and lately that has upgraded to intentional kicks and jabs that I can feel with my hand.  It comes and goes in patterns and I have been really eager for Hubby Bumpkin to feel them as well.  It seems though, that Baby has other ideas, every single time I’ve been sure that the kicking pattern would be easily felt by Hubby, I call him to wherever I am and the kicking stops immediately!  I have tried all sorts of things, drinking ice cold water, or sometimes juice, eating, not eating, sitting up, lying down… Nothing helps.  Hubby Bumpkin can be sitting talking to me and I motion for him to put his hand on my belly and BAM.  Nothing.  This kid knows!  I don’t know what the hesitation to kick for his daddy to feel is, but he so far has made his mommy look like a delusional, over reactor in the pregnancy milestone department.  Way to go, little one. Way to go!

Now on to some baby naming business!  Last week I shared with you the first hint.  As a refresher it was:

-Baby’s name is familiar, but not common (not on top 100 lists in North America for the past 5 or so years, probably much longer)

This weeks Hint #2 is:

-The name we’ve chosen is of Gaelic and Welsh Origin, but known in almost all English speaking countries. (In fact I thought it did originate in England)

Remember to leave your guesses below!  Even if you think you may be wrong, it’s worth the try!  There are no limits on how many guesses you can make!  Anyone with a correct guess is eligible to win!  The winner will be chosen by after the baby has arrived!  You have until then to submit your guesses!

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