Bumpkins, The Early Years.

Today’s post is short and oh-so-incredibly sweet!  I’ve shared in the past on my Vlog about how Hubby Bumpkin and I met, but today I thought I’d share a photo of us, in the early days of our relationship, that I’ve always really liked.


This was taken a few days before I turned 18!  We both met and worked at a summer camp with a ‘no dating’ rule…. All I’m gonna say is that at the 20th Anniversary of this camp…. there had been 21 married couples who met here, ourselves included… and in the years since many, many more!

After a summer of clearly too much fun in the sun, (my skin is going to pay for that in my old age…good thing I snatched my man up, while I was still young and beautiful!) the annual Staff Wind Up Banquet was the first time we weren’t worried about who knew we were dating…. but lets be honest… everyone already knew!

It may not have been as obvious to me then…. but I was destined to become a Country Bumpkin, married to my Cowboy Sweetheart!…..How did I not see that coming?

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