Following your Favorite Blogs!

As many of you know I am a sucker for the world-wide web, or the “Inter-web” as my technically challenged Hubby Bumpkin calls it.  I spend hours scouring Pinterest, checking Facebook, sending and receiving emails, and blogging on an almost daily basis.  That really makes me sound awful doesn’t it.  I should say it’s generally broken up into a few ‘net sessions’ each day.

Lately I have been especially excited to read all kinds of blogs!  Some are written by mommies, others by home cooks, photographers, or crafters.  It’s like getting a glimpse into other people’s lives, sometimes its sharing in the joys and celebrations, and sometimes it’s laughing with them at the most unfortunate timing of their children’s bodily functions.  (seriously, does anyone follow Single Dad Laughing?)


It can be difficult to follow multiple blogs that are hosted on several websites in one easy to navigate spot.  Let me introduce to you, Bloglovin’ (  This site is fantastic!  When you set up an account you are able to  search for ANY blog, and it allows you to follow it.  My favorite part by far is that there is a little button that can be added to your internet tool bar.  When a blog that you follow makes a new post, a little number pops up and lets you know there are new blogs to read!  Go to the website and bam, you are provided with a sneak peek of whats to come and then linked directly to that blog post!  Easy Peasy!

I find this is an excellent way to stay on top of my favorite blogs!  In the rare cases that a blog doesn’t strike my interest, or I’m far too busy with other goings on in life, you can simply click the ‘mark as read’ button that, shows you’ve already been made aware of that particular new post!

After being away for the weekend (my weekend happened to run into Monday as well) I had 28 blog posts to catch up on!  It took me about an hour or so, and Bam, I’m anxiously awaiting the next round of blogs to hit my feed!

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