Wanna Play a Name Game?

There is hopefully still another 18 weeks left in my pregnancy, but Hubby Bumpkin and I have been talking baby names since we got married.  Ok, ok, I’ve been telling him all of the baby names I am in love with and he has been one by one vetoing them for reasons like “A kid named _____ beat me up in Jr. High”  or  “I think of that (random movie that nobody’s seen) and the character named ______ is really stupid.” or “Only hippies name their kids ______”.

This has gone on for about 6 years!

When we found out I was pregnant I was so excited to officially start having ‘real’ conversations about what we would name our baby.    He suddenly seemed more open to the idea and we started with what would be easiest for us, Girl Names!  We both have a very similar style of name we like and girls names, in the past, have been less disputed than our favorite boys names!  Within 2 suggestions we both were completely set on a first and middle name should Baby Bumpkin be a girl!

baby name blog

We waited until Baby Bumpkin’s gender was revealed before we even started the boy name discussion to avoid the arguments that would likely ensue.   Once we knew for sure that Bebe, was a boy I immediately prepared for baby naming battle!

I knew that Hubby Bumpkin’s criteria for boy names was very limiting, and didn’t fit my own style.  Is that normal, to have different tastes in name styles for different genders?  For girls I love very traditional, not at all out there, pretty popular and feminine names.  For boys my tastes are much more out there, names that are just a bunch of sounds put together, not on top 1000 lists, never been used before type names.  With that in mind I knew we’d have to reach a compromise.  This was going to be a B.I.G. challenge.

To me a compromise is when two people make a suggestion and then I talk their ear off until they agree with mine!  🙂  So boy was I surprised when one day, while driving home from the small city nearby, Hubby Bumpkin suggested a name that I didn’t cringe at.  It fit.  For some silly reason it just felt like it fit, us, this baby, our family, it just fit.

We have decided to keep the name under wraps until the baby arrives, juuuuust incase we change our minds after meeting Baby Bumpkin for the first time.  Not even our closest family members know the name!

BUT, just for fun…. Why don’t we play a little name game.  Once a week I will make a post about Baby Bumpkin’s real name.  It may be included in other posts (hopefully baby related in nature) or it may appear as a post on its own.  I will give hints or clues as to the name and you, my faithful readers, may make guesses or suggestions as to the names that you think fits that day’s criteria! 🙂

Once baby is born, if anyone managed to guess the name I will choose one correct guesser to win a prize!  Prize yet to be determined… probably around the $50 value mark!!!!!

Sound good?

Today will be clue #1.  Baby Boy’s name is a very familiar name, but does not rank in the top 100 in Canada or the US for at least the last 5 years.  (likely much longer, I just haven’t looked back that far!)

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