The Purse, The Diaper Bag and the Subchorionic Hematoma Resolution!

On Monday, Jan. 14th I had a follow up appointment with the OB in the ‘Big City’, 2 hours from home.

Hubby Bumpkin had to work, so I drove to the city the day before, to do a little shopping, as well as meet up with my parents to go for dinner and visit.  We decided to share a hotel room and relax and that they would come with me to my ultrasound appointment the next afternoon.

Unfortunately my dad came down with that nasty flu everyone seems to have had, and couldn’t make it, but my mom and I had a fantastic time!

Ever since I saw Megan from Megandleila (on youtube)’s video about her new Storksak Olivia diaper bag, nothing else has come close to comparing! I want THIS bag!

storksak olivia

With a $200 price tag, this puppy aint cheap!  I have been willing to go without many things, including a new purse, so that come this spring, I can have a stylish diaper bag that is large enough for all of my traveling baby necessities.   My mom however loves me enough to not allow me to continue lugging around the fashion atrocity that I was calling a purse for another day longer!  She purchased , for me, a new purse to tide me over until the baby arrives and diaper bag replaces the need for a separate handbag.

Lets just say my belongings were transferred over in the store, and my old purse was thrown in the trash right then and there.  It was that bad!

We made it to the hospital fairly early, which in turn was a great blessing.  We waited a VERY long time for a public parking spot.  Each of the lots I was familiar with have changed (since my last appointment 4 weeks ago) to monthly pass parking only, so finding an open space for us ‘visitors’ was difficult.  We made it into the hospital, where I bumped into one of my former employers who is a surgeon there.  I apologized and carried on. 😉

The Fetal Assessment office was quite busy, with lots going on.  We waited close to an hour, before being called in by a nurse.  She was the same one who did my first, of 3, ultrasounds at my last visit.  She showed us all the parts of the baby again, and from everything she showed us, baby was measuring 22weeks and 2 days.  Almost right on track, as I was 21 weeks 6 days. Perfectly Perfect!

Here are a few of the ultrasound pictures I was given from yesterday’s scan:

body profile 21w 6d face profile 21w 6d frontal face 21w 6d nose lips 21w 6d tootsies 21w 6d

As far as my ‘complications’ go, the nurse pointed out what she thought was a blood clot that was still pretty significant in size.  She did comment that it was difficult to tell because there was ‘shadowing’ that made it hard to see.  She thought the O.B. would want to take a second look, so she took the pictures and left the room.  When she came back she brought us a little chart that showed that Baby Bumpkin is growing in the 50th percentile (let the baby comparison games begin!  And may the odds be ever in your favor!) and said the Doc. was happy with the images and didn’t need a second scan, nor any follow up appointments.  I was free to go!

I heard from my Midwife, Leah, this morning, and she told me that the clot was completely resolved!!!  She along with the OB both agreed that there was no longer anything that was putting me at a higher risk of pre-term labour and all was well!  The nurse must have been mistaken of what she saw, but unfortunately didn’t tell me when she returned to the room.  In the end, good news is always great, no matter when it comes!

This is one of those situations where I didn’t realize just how stressed I was feeling until I was able to fully relax!  I truly appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers from everyone that has been super supportive over the last few weeks.  I’m so relieved and can carry on with the rest of this pregnancy hopefully complication free!

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