Fare Thee Well, Love

Today is the dreaded day in many women’s lives where they pack up all of their pre pregnancy clothing not to be seen for months  and sadly for some, never again.


All part of my de-clutter 2013 goals, reducing the amount of clothing in my closet is a good start!  I was not surprised to find that I hadn’t worn many of the items very often anyways.  I am a little hesitant to donate them just yet though.  Not being able to predict the changes my body will make over the next year, makes me nervous to get rid of clothes that may fit me best in the future!

For now it all was loaded into the bin!  I have replaced some of the clothes with maternity clothes my mom picked up for me at a consignment store, but the ‘cluttered’ look is no more!

Although I desperately hope to be down to my pre-pregnancy weight in reasonable time after Baby Bumpkin is born, I wouldn’t mind starting from scratch when it comes to my wardrobe!  My style is lacking some ‘sense’!  But that’s another story for another day!


In an effort to be more organized I made myself a To Do list!  I made sure to add Be Happy and Relax to the list, because these are things that having to do lists don’t generally make me.  They are however my best chance of getting chores done!  Well seeing as blog writing is NOT on my list, I best be off… time to tackle this list!  Wish me luck!

One thought on “Fare Thee Well, Love

  1. I am in the ok re do your style post baby phase!!1 It’s fun but sad all the same I miss my oh soooo comfy maternity attire 🙂

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