My Neck Isn’t THAT Red, is it?

This past weekend we had company out, a rare treat for us, as friends from the city drove more than 2 hours to our house for a weekend of ‘country living’.

Now that we have lots of snow and have had some colder temperatures, our activities were mostly based indoors, but all it took was 1 day of sunshine to get out for a nice walk and a little redneck fun.

IMG_0762Can you believe that what you are looking at above used to be a path wide enough for a truck to drive through!  During the storm early in October, we lost many trees/tree tops as seen here.  The weather quickly got bad, and so this will be a project for when Hubby Bumpkin is on Parental Leave this summer!


It was a little bitter sweet, I love our property and getting the chance to walk through the forest, but seeing the devastation was really hard.  Thankfully there was limited damages to structures, none on our property, but a few neighbours lost out buildings or had damage to their homes.

After our little walk, the boys decided it was time to test out their new ‘toys’.


Awe, they wore the same pants… how embarrassing!  Also… Honey, that may be the most ridiculous toque I’ve ever seen!  I love you so much more for wearing it!

IMG_0827I’ve always thought if I were to be an Olympic Athlete I would participate in the Biathlon! (cross country skiing and target shooting)  It’s pretty hard to brag about my shooting ability when Hubby Bumpkin and our friend are both military members, who have served overseas together… they kicked my bumpkin butt!   * For the record, had this been Archery, I would have whooped them good!

Its still an adjustment for me to live the ‘Country life’ even though we’ve been at it for 9 months now.  I do feel that deep inside, I am meant for this life, as the city never quite suited me.  Days like this make me appreciate all of the things that we have, that living in an urban setting wouldn’t allow.  We really do own a little slice of Redneck Heaven!

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