The Wishful Minimalist

Most 1st time moms-to-be that I’ve encountered are giddy about their impending arrival, and all that goes into preparing for baby.     From all of the cute baby outfits, decorating the nursery, creating a registry, and scouring the internet for the ‘most adorable’ baby furniture on the market, every moment is filled with loving anticipation!

These days, with the convenience of online registries and my faithful pal Pinterest, ideas are everywhere, and talking to moms who have ‘been there, done that’ there is this mounting pressure to own all kinds of gear, gizmos and gadgets for your baby.

baby gear

Here’s the deal:  I hate it.  I hate it all!  I don’t like the way it looks, I don’t like the way every single, stinking toy and chair and bouncer makes so much noise.  I don’t like that baby stuff comes in either bright vivid primary colours, or pastels in pink and blue. I want to find out who decided that infant furniture should light up and strangle them!  I actually think that most baby gear is as close to unicorn vomit, as I’ve ever seen.  I mean really… does the set in the picture above really show 2 swings?  TWO! Who needs 2?

Don’t get me wrong, I am beyond excited to be pregnant, and look forward to the first moment I get to see my baby boy, and hold him in my arms.  I am very excited to be a mommy, and play with my child, dress him, feed him and do everything mothers have been doing with their babies for thousands of years.  I’m just not looking forward to ‘the stuff’.

Here’s the other part that gets me, I know that in a moment of, hopefully less hormonal, clarity, I will appreciate the stuff, and value the stuff, because even if that vibrating bouncy chair looks like mythical barf to me, right now, if it makes my baby happy, it’ll make his mommy happy too.  So I feel trapped between rejecting everything marketed towards infants, and wanting to have it on hand for those times that baby and mama need a break from each other and can happily play…or sit… in a swing or chair.

I’m looking at having a baby as being a wonderful, special experience that doesn’t need clutter to be happy, healthy, and fulfilling.  So that’s why for the next few weeks, I am taking on a home de-clutter challenge.    In part I hope this will help make space available for the baby items we end up using a lot, but also to give us a starting point for that ounce of prevention.  Making decisions before items come into our home that we just can’t manage to get rid of, will be just one way of keeping the overwhelming amounts of stuff out of our house.

I realize this post seems like more of a rant, or me hating on baby stuff, which is truth.  I’d like to keep it a little more positive around here down the road, but I’d like to know if anyone else has dealt with similar emotions before their baby arrived?  How did you feel once baby gear made its way into your house?

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3 thoughts on “The Wishful Minimalist

  1. I feel you. My most hated item above all hated items was the excersaucer. I swear that thing was bigger than my whole stupid house. It was a giant eye sore and the bain of me. BUUUUT It was so so so helpful! Had Ryan’s mom not bought it for me I never would have bought one and had anyone other than Ryan’s mom bought it I would have returned it! Now I’m glad I have it but that doesn’t stop me from hating it all the same. Registering wasn’t fun when it came to picking and choosing plastic junk (carseats included) but in the end, I don’t regret owning any of them. I had a mini-anxiety attack before baby was here, looking around my house thinking that it was going to be taken over by pastel plastic junk but alas, I think my freak out was unwarrented. All the things we bought ended up being daily life savers in one way or another . My bouncer was small enough to come into our tiny bathroom so while S never liked bouncing, she could sit in it safely while I showered. The swing meant I could fix meals, the floor mat was great for laundry and house hold tasks. That’s all we had and most of them (aside from the swing) we could tuck away in a closet when it wasn’t in use. I bought a small swing that fit our livingroom decor instead of getting one in pastels. As far as the double swings go, one is a travel swing that can be folded up and put away and the other is more of a fixture style swing. I don’t think you’re meant to purchase them both or all of the line in fact, I think this is meant to show you all the options in one style. Like a clothing line that uses the same fabrics, you buy what’s going to work for you, not the entire line 🙂 Good LUCK!

  2. In general, I love stuff. I have way too much stuff. But we tried to keep it simple with baby #2. No crib, made use of handmedowns.. It’s hard to know what to get and what to pass on… We never used a bouncy seat, but our kids wore out their swings (really wore them out they were shot when we were done with them. My son swang himself in his swing w hen the motor quit working). Most people say don’t bother with a changing table, but we use ours for pretty much every diaper change(2 kids worth of diaper changes) AND it’s a dresser. Maybe the key is investing in fewer items but choose ones that are a nicer design (though all the ones that are non-babyish cost an arm and a leg). But good luck finding a exersaucer that’s not visually offensive…..

  3. I found with both my boys I went with minimalist stuff… My oldest had an exersaucer (I agree with Marie it was horrid) and a johnny jump up. My youngest currently has a bouncer and the same johnny jump up. I didn’t get a dresser, I used a hand me down and that is both a dresser and a changing table. And I have an Ikea storage drawer thing that I use for accessories and cloth diapers and such. Other than that I didn’t get a glider, I have my grandfathers old lazy boy in that room that isn’t really used any more. Most of the other things I have I was given, either as a hand me down or a shower gift that I didn’t register for.

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