Belly Shots and Car Seats

Well as promised I wanted to share with you my 5 month belly shot!  Being the only couple on the face of the earth without cell phones I’m forced to skip out on those bathroom mirror self portraits 🙂 (seriously the poorest people in aAfghanistan still have 2 cell phones each, we NEED to get on this)

After much negotiating I managed to get Hubby Bumpkin to agree to 1 photo every month with the camera!  I started the talks proposing a weekly shot, and he brought to the table….nothing.  He was NOT interested in taking my photo… Ever.  He honestly never really has been.  He doesn’t like being in photos, and he doesn’t have any interest behind the camera.  He really is a ‘live in the moment’ kind of guy.  And I can admire that.  I, however, am a ‘look at all the lovely memories’ gal and my ginormous closet full of scrapbooking supplies really sends that message home.

If you can imagine the current NHL negotiations, (please tell me you at least know what ‘ice’ hockey is…) you see a large room with players, lawyers, owners, and Gary Bettman (turns head, spit) each trying to layout their demands while arguing with the other side.  Thats pretty much how any minor decision gets made in our house.  In the end we came to what I think is a very fair compromise and every 4 weeks  He reluctantly stands in the same position, while I stand showing off my ever expanding profile!  It is a painful process, but once it’s over I know that I will have memories to show my precious baby boy of the time he spent living inside of my body!

I only wish I had a picture to document Hubby Bumpkin’s expression as he holds the camera up, snaps a quick photo and is walking away before I’ve even had the chance to review 🙂 He loves me, he really loves me!

Here is my belly at 20 weeks or 5 Months!5 months

In other news, if you follow my Vlog, you may have seen my crazy lady rant about finding a car seat that fits into my ideal and sometimes outrageous standards!  Many have offered advice and support, and I am very pleased to say that I may have come to a final decision!

My list of standards included:

  • Convertible seat, I’m not a fan of infant seats
  • Reclines safely for a newborn without rendering the front seat useless
  • Is capable for ‘Extended Rear Facing’ to the age of 2 and beyond
  • Best bang for buck (longest term of use without replacing)
  • Relatively easy to install
  • Doesn’t rate too high as far as chemically toxic products used in the fabrics goes &
  • Looks/feels comfortable

I was starting to think that no such seat existed.  Every seat I looked at required the front seat to be pulled all the way forward and would not have been practical in my Honda Civic.  That is until the heavens opened up, the angels started singing, and the most beautiful car seat slowly descended.

true fitWell….almost!  The First Years True Fit Convertible car seat!  I still have to purchase this seat and see if it will really work in my car, but the genius part of this seat is that the top part of the headrest removes for rear facing children under 22lbs!!!  Once they hit that weight they really are capable of sitting in a more upright position and that is when you can replace the headrest for rear facing to 35 lbs.   This seat may have been my answer to weeks and weeks of frustration and disappointment, and a surprising amount of stress.

Although the seat only rear faces (RF) to 35lbs and other seats on the market can go a little longer, here is my current plan (plan will be under construction depending on many variables):

Buy the True Fit, use from Newborn stage without headrest, and continue until child is about to max out on the 35lb weight limit (or height limit of that happens to come first)  At that point (hoping around 2.5-3 ish years of age) purchase a seat with a more forgiving height/weight limit for rear facing for continued use while child is forward facing (FF) and possibly in a booster (looking at the Diono seats for this purpose) My hope would be that baby #2 (as hard as that is to even fathom right now) would be brand new, or at least already in my belly, hand down the True fit for them to use RF and bam, no wasted car seats in this house!

I am really hoping that this does turn out to be the ‘seat of my dreams’ because I have already spent way too much time thinking, researching and stressing about this decision.

If you have any experience skipping the infant car seat and going straight with a convertible, let me know!  Also have you used this seat?  I’d love to hear your feelings/review on how it worked for your family.


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