Fall Plans and Goals!

Happy Fall!!!

Ok, let’s be honest, it has been fall for a while already, but it seems my motivation for anything but lying in bed all day has been snatched up in the cool fall air we’ve had as of late.

Also a freak blizzard, that’s right a wicked snow storm, hit us and knocked out power to our area for over 5 straight days!  Now I’m all for living ‘simply’  but I like my simple with a side of electricity and plumbing!

Living in Canada I sometimes feel like our Fall can be so limited time wise.  We never know if it is going to snow at the end of September, or hold off until the end of November.    Usually the first snow doesn’t stick, but the storm that hit us still has a few snow banks that haven’t disappeared yet!

This is my list of Goals that I hope to accomplish before we get another big dump of snow:

  • Make big batches of hearty soups to eat/freeze!
  • Make a pot of nice smelly stuff to heat on the stove and make my house smell fabulous!
  • Harvest the sugar pie pumpkins from my garden and bake pies entirely from scratch!
  • Have company over for at least 1 or 2 nights to play games and enjoy ‘fall food and drink’
  • Pull all plants from garden and put in compost
  • Knit a scarf or blanket
  • Make some videos to start sharing on my YouTube channel again!
  • Start shopping/making everyone’s gifts for Christmas!
  • Unbox and organize our ‘winter outerwear’ in the back closet.
  • Re arrange my clothes to reflect the change of season in my closet
  • Clear out 1/2 of the garage so I can park my car in there prior to the next big snow!

As you can see my list is very much on the practical side, and is lacking a little bit of fun.  The biggest issue is that I haven’t been feeling 100% and fun seems like a lot of effort right now!  I know things will get better soon, but I am also a pretty practical person. I feel accomplished when I get jobs done, and not working outside of the home, has given me a new appreciation for ‘getting stuff done’.


Do you have a Fall Bucket List/Goals this season?  If so share with my in the comments, or link your blog below!  I’d love to gain some more ideas and add them to my list as well!


Enjoy the weather as much as you can for as long as you can!



One thought on “Fall Plans and Goals!

  1. Hey, I just watched your wonderfall pregnancy announcement on youtube and just wanted to say congratulations, have a happy and healthy pregnancy!

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