My Nook Reorganization Project

Hello All Gabikins!

…Not familiar with GABI?  Then this post may confuse you, but I like to be as inclusive as possible, so here is my best attempt at a summary: (feel free to skip if you are a long time Gabikin!)

G.A.B.I. (Grin and Bear it) started at the end of July when Marie (BitsandClips) and Veronica (Vloggingmama) organized a group on Facebook of women who did Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred + some other challenges as well (for example make a smoothie with vegetables in it).  At the beginning of September we transitioned to a more laid back (because if you know anything about the Shred, Jillian Michaels is NOT laid back!) group taking on all kinds of domestical (yes I made that word up! It just sounded fancier to me!) duties and challenges!  

September’s challenge included 2 parts, which I will cover in 2 blogs!  Todays is about part #1!

1) Clean and organize a nook (cupboard, closet, desk space, etc) in your house!  Share what techniques, pinterest ideas, tools, and cleaners you used to get the job done.

The ‘Nook’ I chose was my bedroom closet, which also doubles as my craft room!  It is a fantastic space in the corner of my house, and I use it frequently!
Lately however, it seems as though I have been using it as a way of keeping other messes and chores out of sight (ie laundry, ironing).  Combined with a few new craft related birthday gifts and a whirlwind of craft craziness, the space resembled something closer to Hiroshima (1945).

Here’s what I mean! Yikes!

Putting this on the internet is embarrassing. But I do it anyways!

Aside from actually putting away my laundry (why does there always have to be an extra step!?!)  I ironed what needed to be, and put away everything that already had a ‘home’.  For anything without a home I either took it out of the closet, or made it one on a shelf.

My workspace, was no longer functional, because it was so cluttered.  I stopped working on projects because the mess was overwhelming and I didn’t enjoy being in this room anymore.

To organize this space I started at one end, and anything that didn’t belong, or couldn’t be put back was shuffled towards the door, until it either got put away, or eliminated from this room! (I will NOT be showing you pictures of my bedroom right now!)  The craft room is in the farthest corner of our house, so eventually I plan to work my way through, room by room to create an organizational masterpiece of a home!

When I had completed this project I grabbed my camera and much to my dismay the batteries were dead.   “That’s ok, I’ll just grab that charger that I conveniently keep in this drawer…… oh, wait it’s not there…. crap.”   Long story short, I have not found my camera charger, so I used my video camera to take some photos… worst plan ever.  The pictures are blurry, and grainy, and well, we’ll just have to suck it up because that’s all I got for now folks!



Finally a workspace I can use!   My sewing machine can be moved up when I need to use it, but I can also push it back so that I have more room for scrapbooking, stamping, or tutu making!

Where I keep my tutu making supplies!

I bought the 3 green (my favorite colour) bins at Dollarama for $2 each.  I keep tulle, ribbon and accessories in the short, fat drawers, and scrapbooking supplies in the tall cart.

ok, ok. I’m really just showing off my new ‘toy’. For those of you who don’t know, this is a cricut and it cuts shapes out of paper (and apparently fabric!) It is splendid!


I also knit and am learning to crochet. (whoever says that it is easier lies to me!) I finally have a way to store my yarn so that it’s easily visible and accessible. oops. those books on the shelf are supposed to be on their way out the door!

My last few photos are of some new items/pinterest projects that I used to complete this space!

The dry erase board I bought at Costco, it came with 3 double sided (coloured yay!) markers, a note pad, 4 square magnets and 2 clip magnets.  I believe it was around $20.  It was a total impulse buy, but I’m really glad I have it.

The 3 canvas on the left hand side I purchased at Dollarama for $2 each!  They are a soft faux leather and I really thought they were pretty (considering some of the other crap they sell as ‘decor’ at that store!) I wanted to add where I could to make the very functional room, also a pretty space.

Necklace storage

Finally, this is a straight from Pinterest idea that I modified.  In hindsight I should have measured and made a straight line (I figured it was the back of my closet, who cares what it looks like… now I do) but using drawer pulls to hang my necklaces is so much better than nails.  For a wall that doesn’t have a back to put a screw through, I’d put these on some sort of board first (like the original pin says to do. Mine looks more like a ‘pinstrosity’, but it’s functional)

In the end, it took me until the very last day to get this project done, but I’m sure happy I did it!  I am making it my goal to keep the organized parts of my home organized from now on!  Maintenance is much easier than the overhaul I felt like I did today!


Stay tuned for the Kitchen Clean Up that took place earlier this month coming up very soon!

Have a great organized day!

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