Awards Show Addict!

Sunday night was the 64th Annual Emmy Awards and I have to say I just LOVE award shows!  I may be in the minority here, but I think that awards for tv, movies, and music that I follow are some of my favorite programs.  My all time favorites include the Emmys (television), Tonys (Broadway), and Golden Globes (television and movies)

I have fallen in love with so many of the nominated shows this year, and to make this short, I’m just going to recap some of my favorites.

As I’ve said before on youtube I LOVE reality tv.  The winner for best reality program this year was on of my all time favorites: The Amazing Race.  It is a show I’ve been watching for a long time, and I enjoy because I feel like I could be successful on it.  If only I had an american passport!

One of my new favorites, that I only learned about this spring is the show Downton Abbey.  It’s about a family and their household staff in pre WW1  Britain!  Season 3 has just started, and I watch it online each week.  Maggie Smith won best supporting actress for her role as Violet Crawley.

One of the coolest new shows I’ve watched lately, Homeland won for Best Drama Series, Writing and Claire Danes and Damien Lewis took home awards for best actress and actor!  This show in my opinion is deserving of all these awards!  It’s brilliant!

My 1 disappointment was that Mayim Bialik didn’t win for best supporting actress in a comedy.  I have recently become a big fan of The Big Bang Theory and I have enjoyed her character a lot!  I also am a fan of her outside of the show as an advocate for attachment parenting.

I do not remember in the past there being awards for award shows.  The Tony Awards, The Grammy’s and The Academy Awards were all nominated, and I thought that was quite funny!

An awards show isn’t an awards show without Ricky Gervais in my opinion!  Although he has claimed he will not be hosting the Golden Globes (come on!) he was a very fun and funny addition to the Emmys!

There are so many great shows out there, some were overlooked, and some didn’t take home any hardware at all.  Although I am happy with the results there will always be people disappointed with the results!

What were some of your favorite shows?  Were you happy with the awards and nominations? Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts!

One thought on “Awards Show Addict!

  1. We only watch the Oscars – and that’s mostly just for playing oscar bingo. We LOVE us some oscar bingo! I do love the red carpet and the best/worst dressed lists afterwards though.

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