The Day the Bumpkin Got Crafty!

The other night I was feeling extremely “Pin”spired, and got to work making a huge mess!

First I whipped up some Banana Bread (one of my favorites lately)

Mashed up banana!

The recipe that I found on Pinterest did not call for any chocolate!  I found this to be insensitive to those of us in a torrid love affair with semi sweet chocolate chips!

So I added them anyways.

There….that’s better

The result was delicious!

Ta-Da banana bread!

On completion of the mess I made in my kitchen, I moved on to my craftroom.. also functions as my bedroom closet!

I had purchased some canvas, and paints at the dollar store, and I wanted to make some wall decorations for fall.

I started by painting the canvas, and using the new Cricut Expressions I got for my birthday to cut out the words and shapes.

Cricut Expressions

getting a feel for the lay out

The first one I completed I really liked, but DH thinks that the saying was lame… (I think he can be lame sometimes too!)

My ‘Lame’ decoration…

For the record I actually really liked this… but it is not worth the groaning to put it up….

The second canvas I did used a lot more letters, and in hindsight could have used some more, but to be honest, I couldn’t think of another fall related word!

less lame!

Needless to say, my craft room is now also a disaster!  But it sure does feel good to get my Pinterest on, and make use of some of those posts I’ve pinned!

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