All Over the World Wide Web

This is just a short post because I really should be packing my bags (and rain gear, and a yoga mat?) for my ‘Hippie Conference’… actually it’s a Nature Summit, where I will be learning about allowing children to discover nature!  I will be sure to blog about it upon my return!  I am very excited! (think hippie summer camp for adults… in the fall!)

The point of today’s blog is to let you know how to find me on this world wide web! (If you run into a spider on this web, kill it! I’m serious… I’ll live with rain every day of the year if it means no more spiders!)

Obviously you have found me on my Blog!  (Huzzah! Leave a comment and let me know you were here!)

I am also on Youtube! My channel, Thecountrybumpkins23 can be found HERE!

Also feel free to send me a message or friend request on Facebook!, There I am Kalynn Thecountrybumpkins!

I have been on Pinterest for a while now, but I have just changed some settings so I can link it HERE!

I hope you check out these links, I’d love to connect with you in all of these places!

Have a great day!

-The Country Bumpkin

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