This Ain’t Your Clubhouse, Mickey!

I’m not gonna lie.  I didn’t watch Mickey Mouse growing up.  I knew who he was, what kid didn’t? but I never remember watching any shows he was in.. heck I only learned to spell Mickey, and mouse for that matter a few years ago…All those Disney watching kids had a major advantage on me!  I apparently skipped all those days  in elementary where you learned how to spell, I still look up the simplest words, just so I don’t embarrass myself!

Once I started Nannying I became well acquainted with Mickey and his whole crew as the children were sometimes midway through an episode of “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’ when I arrived!  You can’t say the word “hot dog” in my presence without me jumping into song… “…diggity dog”! (if you know it… I bet you just did it too!)  I feel over the years I’ve gotten quite close with Mickey.

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Now, as a 1st Time Home Owner, I have had a slight difference of opinion on everybody’s favorite mouse!  What I never thought about before was how Mickey and Minnie, the sweet, loving couple that they are, probably have a healthy intimate relationship… unlike lots of the women I’ve met here and on Youtube, the mice that I know of generally don’t have any fertility issues!  During warm weather I can tolerate the booming mouse population that occurs in our field, because I simply stay out of the field!

Where I am struggling is that as the weather cools off, Mickey’s brood seem to be working their way indoors!

We moved in April 1st.  Since that time we had one incident in July, when after a day of the door being left wide open a little critter literally waltzed right in the front door! (I swear he was just looking for a dancing partner, so we freed him back into the ‘great outdoors’)

Well Mr. Mouse, and his family have had a change of heart, and no longer think the outdoors is all that great!  Just last week, as I was sitting in the living room I saw some motion out of the corner of my eye.  Thinking it was the cat, I quickly called “Snooki” hoping that she would come over to me, and stop creeping me out.  Much to my dismay, and very soon after, to my horror, she poked her head up from the chair she was resting on…. nowhere near the movement on the floor!

This is where things start to get a little fuzzy!  (I may mean that literally and figuratively!)  I focused in on a mouse, dart one way, then another across me sunken living room floor!  Going through my brain was ‘I’m trapped, I’m trapped in my living room with a mouse!’  and what came out of my mouth, I dare not repeat here (a highly censored version was posted to Facebook just after these events occurred), but I can tell you it was LOUD!  My husband came sliding around the corner, convinced I was being brutally attacked by a bear or worse yet a cougar that managed to silently break into our home! (Don’t laugh, it could happen, and it would be horrible! Very horrible!)  When he saw me sitting high up on the couch, legs tucked up under me, screaming and pointing (something akin to an excited 10 month old who can’t clearly express what it is they want and need so desperately to say!)  I’ll be honest.  He reacted out of frustration.  He immediately minimized my concern that I was TRAPPED IN THE LIVING ROOM WITH A FREAKING MOUSE!, picked up the cat (who was failing in her duties as a member of our household) and put her down on the floor directly infront of a now terrified mouse!

Our cat sucks!  She couldn’t have cared less that there was another animal in the house!  Quickly distracted by his discontent with our feline companion, Hubby seemed to tolerate my girlish cries of “Eeek, it went that way!, Ahhh no, no over there now”.  Broom in hand Hubby managed to get the mouse and dispose of it out in the bush.

Join me here in a Giant sigh of relief!

Ha!  Fooled ya!  Good feelings will not last!  Within 10 minutes a second mouse appeared in our dining room (I suspect she was Mr. Mouse’s lady friend…. the one he kept on the side for a good time)

She dropped into the living room, where I was still sitting with my feet under me.  Commence screaming, yelling and maybe a few frustrated tears!  Hubby was immediately back in action, however this little tramp was harder to catch!  Snooki was in on the action this time too, and she Caught it!  (And there was much rejoicing!)….until she gently put the mouse down and watched it scoot off! (damn!)

In total the 3 of us spent close to 45 minutes, chasing, poking, sweeping, screaming, searching, and finally catching that stinking rodent! (go ahead, guess my role in all that!)

It was very traumatizing!  I was so grateful that Hubby was working evenings and was home for this lovely event!  (Honestly, try imagining what would have happened if I was alone… really.  Pretty pictures isn’t it!?!?!)

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The next day I immediately purchased ultrasonic plug ins that claim to deter the mice from coming into the room in the first place, and some sticky traps….. that I have not yet had the courage to put out!

Hopefully this will be an effective solution, I dread dealing with more mice!  I also know that we bought an older country home, on lots of land, so we are bound to have mice on occasion!  Especially as it gets colder out.  That said it may be a long winter blogging from my bed…just about the only spot in my house I feel safe from the threat of rodent!


If you happen to read my blog, I would really appreciate if you and the crew at the very least took a look at my husband’s schedule, and only come around if you know he’ll be home!  There is a history of heart disease in my family, and I would hate for you to ever feel responsible for my premature death from a heart attack brought on by high blood pressure.  I’m really only thinking of you here!


-The Country Bumpkin

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