The New and Improved Bumpkin

I have started spending a lot of time thinking about the person that I am, and more importantly the person I want to become. (ooo That sounded deep!)  But in all seriousness it has a lot to do with what comes out of my mouth and the things that I do with my body!  (ok, that just sounded kind of gross)  As a result I have really tried to focus on what I want to accomplish in the next 6 months- 1 year!

I have, for a while now, been on a ‘self (and home) improvement’ kick, and I so far have found there are many areas that I could use some improving!  These in the broadest terms include:

-Time management (all else falls somewhere into this category as well)






-Personally (just who I am as a person)

To keep this post from being too serious I’ve included a funny picture of my cat!

A cute picture of my cat Snooki!

Now back to the original program:

It would be impossible to cover these all in one post, so that is why I am starting a series!   You can look forward to, in addition to some sub par cooking blogs, many more blogs about my journey to ‘The New and Improved Bumpkin!’

I hope you enjoy following along in my failures and successes!  I’d love to have you join me on this journey as well!  Feel free to comment below, or look for me on Facebook too!  (I directly linked you to my facebook when I typed the orange “Facebook”…incase you didn’t catch that- Wouldn’t it have just been easier to type out the link here, instead of having to explain it!?!?…get ready because I’m gonna do the same thing for my Youtube channel next!)

Also don’t forget I’m on Youtube! (did you remember?  did you? huh?)

Have a great day!

-The Country Bumpkin

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