Easy Comfort Food

Do you ever have days when it just doesn’t seem worth making yourself a meal, so you eat random bits of left overs and ingredients from your cupboards because nobody is home to judge you?  …Anybody?…No?

Ok, so I may be in the minority here, but when my husband is at work, I really struggle to find the motivation to cook a meal for myself. Whats the point?  I could melt some cheese on tortillas, and dip it in salsa…. that’s balanced right?  Or microwave myself some frozen french onion soup… and chop up a cucumber to dip in white vinegar… with vanilla pudding for dessert!  That sounds delicious!

Now I don’t claim that the following food is nutritious, balanced, but below is my Go-to eating alone meal!  It is also perfect for when you desperately need to go grocery shopping, as it only used 3 staple ingredients!

This was something my mom occasionally made for us, and it is so simple it was the first food I ever cooked for myself!

Egg Noodles!

Kalynn’s Egg Noodles with greek yogurt!

The kicker is we NEVER had or used a recipe!  We used enough Flour, Egg and Milk to form a stiff dough.

Flour, Eggs and Milk

As a kid, my mom would let us mix the dough by hand, that part was so much fun.  I still do this because it saves an extra dish from needing to be washed!  I can’t wait to let my kids mix their dough by hand!

If the dough is too dry, you add more milk or egg, if it’s too wet, you add more flour!  Simple!

The noodle dough!

After making the dough, I roll it out on the counter, to get it ready for cutting.  I know that there are so many great cooks who must think I’ve lost my mind, but just wait… I promise the end result is so yummy!

Cutting the noodles

I just use kitchen scissors and cut the dough into little pieces like shown above (dough can be easily cut with children’s scissors as well, for further participation!)

Dump all pieces into a pot of boiling, salted water and let cook for a few minutes.  They will float to the top, similar to perogies!

Once they are cooked, drain the water and stir in a little butter!  They are ready to eat!

I eat mine with sour cream, or greek yogurt and salt and pepper!  These are also delicious as a side to farmers sausage and salad and are often eaten with Sauerkraut!

This is my ultimate comfort food!  It is so simple to make in small or large quantities!

I hope you enjoy!

-The Country Bumpkin

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