Happy Labour Day

Happy Labour Day everyone!

The long weekend has been full of fun and friends for us!  It is a rare treat for us to have friends from the city out to visit, so we’ve had a great time with them here this weekend!  J & J lived upstairs in our apartment building in ‘The City’ ( A la Friends) and we’ve all known each other since before we coupled up and got married!  Unfortunately my husband had to work, but we’ve managed to make the most out of the time we’ve all been together!

J and I spent a lot of time making delicious meals, and even did a little baking yesterday!

Zucchini Brownies

We made Brownies with Zucchini that were so tasty!  I was worried as we were mixing the ingredients because it looked very dry, but as soon as we added the shredded zucchini that all changed!  It worked out perfectly!  You’d never know there was anything different about them.  My husband even took some to work for a snack and to share with his co-workers!

Today my husband works a double shift -on a Stat (Can you say hello overtime pay!)  J and I woke up really early (for someone who has been unemployed for the past 5 months 6:45am is really painful!)  and made breakfast before he left!

On the menu this morning was Eggs Benedict and coffee… lots and lots of coffee!

This was the First time I’ve ever attempted eggs benedict.. I’ve never poached an egg outside a microwave, nor have I made hollandaise sauce.

My 1st attempt at Hollandaise Sauce

I used a recipe I found here.

Here is what I learned the hard way…. When it says to use UNSALTED butter… you probably should!  Otherwise, this was quite good!

The method was straight forward, because I lack finesse I followed it to the letter to avoid any kitchen disasters.

Poaching an egg

Now Poaching an egg was a fun experience!  After a quick internet search and channeling my inner Masterchef (without the mentorship of Gordon Ramsay) I discovered the following things:

Less water is better.

Use a larger pot.

Add a splash of vinegar… I don’t know why but I did and it worked, so who am I to mess with what that!

Bring the water to a simmer (not a boil)

Use a spoon and start swirling the water in a circle.  Fast.  Really Fast.

Drop an egg into the water as you stop stirring.

The egg white should wrap itself around the yolk and after roughly 3 min (when the whites are cooked), you can use a slotted spoon to ‘catch’ it.


We cooked some Canadian bacon (that I just so happened to buy in the States) for the Eggs Benedict, and side bacon, as a side to our already pork filled breakfast!

My husband’s plate

Now under normal circumstances one would layer the Canadian Bacon, Egg and Hollandaise Sauce on a golden brown toasted English Muffin!  And that might be fine for all you fancy city folk… but being a Country Bumpkin we chose to simplify things by eating it on toast!

Ok, ok truth is I forgot to pick up the english muffins, and finding an open grocery store is difficult at the best of times out here… it was impossible on a Holiday Monday!

The Finished Product!

I hope you enjoyed, and happy cooking!

-The Country Bumpkin


3 thoughts on “Happy Labour Day

  1. By our cooking powers combined, we could make some awesome Eggs Benedict! I’ll make the English muffins and you do the eggs and Hollandaise. In fact, I need to make a freezer stash of English muffins because I’m sure my men will be asking for an “Egg MissMuffin” or “Egg MomMuffin” for breakfast this week. 🙂

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